Lunch Special

Mon.- Sun.: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
Served w. Pork Fried Rice or White Rice
Choice of: Wonton, Egg Drop, Chicken Rice Soup or Egg Roll
Hot and Sour Soup or Wonton Egg Drop Soup $1 Extra

L1.  Chicken or Pork Chow Mein $7.15
L2.  Shrimp or Beef Chow Mein $7.55
L3.  Pepper Steak $7.55
L4.  Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce $7.65
L5.  Roast Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young $7.25
L6.  Bar-B-Q or Boneless Spare Ribs $7.75
L7.  Subgum Chicken Chow Mein $7.25
L8.  Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken $7.25
L9.  Roast Pork w. Chinese Vegetable $7.25
L10.  Chicken w. Chinese Vegetable $7.25
L11.  Roast Pork or Chicken Lo Mein $7.25
L12.  House Special Subgum $7.75
L13.  Curry Chicken w. OnionSpicy $7.25
L14.  Broccoli w. Pork or Chicken $7.25
L15.  Broccoli w. Shrimp or Beef $7.75
L16.  Chicken or Pork w. Garlic SauceSpicy $7.25
L17.  Beef or Shrimp w. Garlic SauceSpicy $7.75
L18.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy $7.75
L19.  Chicken w. Cashew Nuts $7.25
L20.  Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts $7.75
L21.  Kung Po ChickenSpicy $7.25
L22.  Double Cooked Pork $7.25
L23.  Fried Chicken Wings $7.40
L24.  Mixed Vegetable w. Garlic SauceSpicy $7.10
L25.  Eggplant w. Garlic SauceSpicy $7.10
L26.  String Beans w. Pork or Chicken $7.25
L27.  String Bean w. Shrimp or Beef $7.75
L28.  Snow Peas w. Pork or Chicken $7.55
L29.  Sesame Chicken $7.75
L30.  Chicken w. Lobster Sauce $7.25


Vegetable Egg Roll $1.40
Roast Pork Egg Roll $1.40
Shrimp Egg Roll $1.50
Spring Roll
(Pork, Chicken & Shrimp)
Cheese Wonton (12 pcs) $5.20
Vegetable Dumpling (8 pcs) $6.75
Dim Sum (5 pcs) $6.35
Pork Boiled Dumplings (8 pcs) $6.95
Pork Fried Dumplings (8 pcs) $7.15
Fried Chicken Wing (8 pcs) $8.25
Fried Wonton w. Sauce (10 pcs) $4.75
Fantail Shrimp (Each) $1.90
Shrimp Toast (2 pcs) $4.25
Fried Shrimp $5.95
Beef on Stick (4 pcs) $6.75
B-B-Q Spare Ribs (S)$8.55 (L)$15.95
Roast Pork (S)$6.85 (L)$11.50
Pu Pu Platter (For 2) $14.00
Boneless Spare Ribs (S)$8.55 (L)$15.95
Cold Noodles w. Sesame Sauce $5.45
French Fries $2.75
Chicken Nugget (6) $3.00
Fried Scallops (10 pcs) $4.80
Chicken on Stick (4 pcs) $6.85
Pan Fried Wonton SpicySpicy $5.45
Fried Crab Rangoon (6 pcs) $4.55
Buffalo Chicken WingSpicy $8.25
Scallion Pancake $4.75


(w. Crispy Noodle)

Wonton Soup (S)$2.90 (L)$4.80
Egg Drop Soup (S)$2.70 (L)$4.60
Chicken Rice Soup (S)$2.70 (L)$4.60
Chicken Noodle Soup (S)$2.70 (L)$4.60
Yat Gaw Mein
(Pork, Chicken or Beef)
Fried Wonton Soup $7.35
Hot and Sour Soupspicy (S)$3.10 (L)$5.95
Wonton Egg Drop Soup (S)$3.40 (L)$5.80
To Fu Mixed Vegetable Soup (S)$3.50 (L)$6.00
Seafood Soup $7.85

Chow Mein

(w. Rice & Noodles)

1.  Chicken Chow Mein
(White Meat)
(S)$5.30 (L)$9.45
2.  Vegetable Chow Mein (S)$5.20 (L)$8.75
3.  Beef Chow Mein (S)$6.00 (L)$10.35
4.  Shrimp Chow Mein (S)$6.00 (L)$10.35
5.  Roast Pork Chow Mein (S)$5.30 (L)$9.55
6.  House Special Chow Mein $10.95

Chop Suey

(w. Rice)

7.  Roast Pork Chop Suey (S)$5.30 (L)$9.50
8.  Beef Chop Suey (S)$6.00 (L)$10.35
9.  Shrimp Chop Suey (S)$6.00 (L)$10.35
10.  Vegetable Chop Suey (S)$5.20 (L)$8.75
11.  Chicken Chop Suey (S)$5.35 (L)$10.45

Fried Rice

12.  Roast Pork Fried Rice (S)$5.35 (L)$9.10
13.  Shrimp Fried Rice (S)$6.00 (L)$10.20
14.  Chicken Fried Rice (S)$5.35 (L)$9.10
15.  Beef Fried Rice (S)$6.00 (L)$10.20
16.  House Special Fried Rice (S)$6.55 (L)$10.90
17.  Vegetable Fried Rice (S)$4.90 (L)$8.00
18.  Crab Meat Fried Rice (S)$6.00 (L)$10.20

Lo Mein


19.  Roast Pork Lo Mein (S)$5.70 (L)$9.80
20.  Beef Lo Mein (S)$6.20 (L)$10.55
21.  Chicken Lo Mein (S)$5.70 (L)$9.80
22.  Shrimp Lo Mein (S)$6.20 (L)$10.55
23.  Crab Meat Lo Mein $10.60
24.  Vegetable Lo Mein (S)$5.40 (L)$8.85
25.  House Special Lo Mein $11.15

Chow Fun

(Flat Noodle)

26.  Roast Pork Chow Fun $9.50
26a.  Chicken Chow Fun $9.50
27.  Beef Chow Fun $10.75
28.  Shrimp Chow Fun $10.75
29.  House Special Chow Fun $11.05
30.  Vegetable Chow Fun $9.25
31.  Singapore Chow FunSpicy $11.05

Chow Mei Fun

(Thin Noodle)

32.  Roast Pork Chow Mei Fun $9.50
32a.  Chicken Chow Mei Fun $9.50
33.  House Special Chow Mei Fun $11.05
34.  Beef Chow Mei Fun $10.75
35.  Shrimp Chow Mei Fun $10.75
36.  Singapore Chow Mei FunSpicy $11.05

Egg Foo Young

(w. Rice)

37.  Roast Pork Egg Foo Young $8.85
38.  Shrimp Egg Foo Young $9.55
38a.  Beef Egg Foo Young $9.55
39.  Chicken Egg Foo Young $9.05
40.  Mushroom Egg Foo Young $9.25
41.  Subgum Egg Foo Young $9.85
42.  Vegetable Egg Foo Young $8.80


(w. Rice)

43.  Beef w. Bean Sprouts (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
44.  Pepper Steak w. Onion (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
45.  Beef w. Pepper & Tomato (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
46.  Beef w. Mixed Vegetable (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
47.  Beef w. Mushrooms (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
48.  Beef w. Oyster Sauce (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
49.  Beef w. Snow Peas (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
50.  Beef w. Broccoli (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
51.  Curry Beef w. Onionsspicy (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
52.  Beef w. Black Bean Sauce (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
53.  Beef w. String Bean (S)$7.25 (L)$12.45
54.  Beef in Brown Sauce (S)$8.00 (L)$15.30


(w. Rice)

55.  Boneless Chicken w. Mixed Veg. $11.55
56.  Moo Goo Gai Pan (S)$6.70 (L)$11.55
57.  Curry Chicken w. Onionspicy (S)$6.70 (L)$11.55
58.  Chicken w. Mushrooms (S)$6.70 (L)$11.45
59.  Chicken w. Snow Peas (S)$6.90 (L)$11.65
60.  Chicken w. Black Bean Sauce (S)$6.70 (L)$11.65
61.  Chicken w. Bean Sprouts (S)$6.70 (L)$11.45
62.  Chicken w. Broccoli (S)$6.90 (L)$11.65
63.  Chicken w. String Bean (S)$6.80 (L)$11.55
64.  Chicken w. Lobster Sauce (S)$6.70 (L)$11.35
65.  Chicken w. Mixed Vegetable (S)$6.80 (L)$11.55
66.  Lemon Chicken $11.55
67.  Chicken In Brown Sauce (S)$7.70 (L)$14.00

Roast Pork

(w. Rice)

68.  Roast Pork w. Bean Sprouts (S)$6.50 (L)$11.35
69.  Roast Pork w. Chinese Vegetable (S)$6.50 (L)$11.35
70.  Roast Pork w. Mushrooms (S)$6.50 (L)$11.35
71.  Roast Pork w. Snow Peas (S)$6.75 (L)$11.80
72.  Roast Pork w. Oyster Sauce (S)$6.50 (L)$11.35
73.  Roast Pork w. Mixed Vegetable (S)$6.75 (L)$11.80
74.  Roast Pork w. Black Bean Sauce (S)$6.50 (L)$11.35
75.  Roast Pork w. Broccoli (S)$6.70 (L)$11.80
76.  Roast Pork w. String Bean (S)$6.50 (L)$11.35
77.  Roast Pork w. To Fu (S)$6.50 (L)$11.35


(w. Rice)

78.  Lobster Sauce (S)$5.80 (L)$8.45
79.  Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce (S)$7.30 (L)$12.65
80.  Shrimp w. Bean Sprouts (S)$7.30 (L)$12.65
81.  Shrimp w. Chinese Vegetables (S)$7.30 (L)$12.65
82.  Shrimp w. Pepper & Tomatoes (S)$7.30 (L)$12.65
83.  Curry Shrimp w. Onionspicy (S)$7.30 (L)$12.65
84.  Shrimp w. Snow Peas (S)$7.50 (L)$12.65
85.  Shrimp w. Black Bean Sauce (S)$7.30 (L)$12.65
86.  Shrimp w. Broccoli (S)$7.50 (L)$12.65
87.  Shrimp w. String Bean (S)$7.30 (L)$12.65
88.  Butterfly Shrimp w. Bacon $12.75
89.  Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable (S)$7.30 (L)$12.65

Sweet and Sour

(w. Rice)

91.  Sweet & Sour Chicken (S)$6.35 (L)$10.80
92.  Sweet & Sour Shrimp (S)$6.45 (L)$11.80
93.  Sweet & Sour Pork (S)$6.25 (L)$10.55
94.  Sweet & Sour Duck $16.30


(w. Rice)

95.  Sauteed Broccoli (S)$5.45 (L)$9.15
96.  Sauteed Bean Sprouts (S)$4.95 (L)$7.85
97.  Sauteed Snow Peas (S)$5.75 (L)$9.75
98.  Sauteed Mixed Vegetable (S)$5.45 (L)$9.15
99.  Sauteed String Bean (S)$5.55 (L)$9.35

Weight Watchers Style

No Seasoning or Starch Used in Cooking All with White Rice

W01.  Mixed Vegetable $8.25
W02.  Fresh Broccoli $8.50
W03.  Chicken w. Broccoli $9.50
W04.  Chicken w. Mixed Vegetable $9.50
W05.  Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable $10.50
W06.  Scallop w. Mixed Vegetable $11.50
W07.  Seafood w. Mixed Vegetable $11.50
W08.  Mixed Vegetable w. Tofu $9.00
W09.  Chicken w. Mixed Vegetable & Tofu $9.50
W10.  Shrimp w. Mixed Vegetable & Tofu $11.00
W11.  Steam Chicken w. Brown Sauce (S)$9.00 (L)$16.55

Special Combination Platter

Served with Egg Roll and Roast Pork Fried Rice

D1.  Chicken or Pork Chow Mein $8.95
D2.  Shrimp or Beef Chow Mein $9.15
D3.  Pepper Steak $9.85
D4.  Shrimp w. Lobster Sauce $9.85
D5.  Roast Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young $9.05
D6.  Bar-B-Q or Boneless Spare Ribs $10.05
D7.  General Tso’s TofuSpicy $9.55
D8.  Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken $9.15
D9.  Roast Pork w. Chinese Vegetable $9.35
D10.  Chicken w. Chinese Vegetable $9.25
D11.  Roast Pork or Chicken Lo Mein $9.15
D12.  House Special Subgum $10.05
D13.  Curry Chicken w. OnionSpicy $9.25
D14.  Broccoli w. Pork or Chicken $9.80
D15.  Broccoli w. Shrimp or Beef $10.05
D16.  Chicken or Pork w. Garlic SauceSpicy $9.80
D17.  Beef or Shrimp w. Garlic SauceSpicy $10.05
D18.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy $9.80
D19.  Chicken w. Cashew Nuts $9.60
D20.  Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts $9.85
D21.  Kung Po ChickenSpicy $9.60
D22.  Double Cooked PorkSpicy $9.65
D23.  Fried Chicken Wings $9.80
D24.  Mixed Vegetable w. Garlic SauceSpicy $9.15
D25.  Eggplant w. Garlic SauceSpicy $9.35
D26.  String Beans w. Pork or Chicken $9.55
D27.  String Bean w. Shrimp or Beef $9.95
D28.  Snow Peas w. Pork or Chicken $9.85
D29.  Sesame Chicken $9.80
D30.  Chicken w. Lobster Sauce $9.45

House Specialties

(w. Rice)

H1.  Golden Garden Special
Finely sliced lobster meat, scallops, chicken & roast pork, beef blended with mixed Chinese vegetable, topped w. butterfly shrimp, an authentic favorite
H2.  Pepper Duck $16.50
H3.  Four Seasons $13.35
H4.  Happy Family $14.05
H5.  Seafood Delight $14.55
H6.  Subgum Wonton $14.15
H7.  Scallops & Beef $14.55
H8.  Scallops & Shrimp $14.55
H9.  Sesame Shrimp $14.45
H10.  Kung Po ChickenSpicy $11.55
H11.  Kung Po Shrimp or BeefSpicy $12.10
H12.  General Tso's ChickenSpicy $12.20
H13.  Sesame Chicken
(White Meat)
H14.  Orange BeefSpicy $13.55
H15.  Sesame Beef $13.55
H16.  Szechuan Shrimp or BeefSpicy $12.65
H17.  Szechuan Pork or ChickenSpicy $11.85
H18.  Szechuan Bean CurdSpicy $11.00
H19.  Szechuan CombinationSpicy
(Beef, Chicken, Shrimp)
H20.  Hunan Beef or ShrimpSpicy $12.65
H21.  Hunan Pork or ChickenSpicy $11.85
H22.  Chicken or Pork w. Garlic SauceSpicy $11.85
H23.  Shrimp or Beef w. Garlic SauceSpicy $12.65
H24.  Shrimp w. Cashew Nuts $12.65
H25.  Scallion w. Shrimp or Beef $12.85
H26.  Eggplant w. Garlic SauceSpicy $10.95
H27.  Hot Spicy Shredded BeefSpicy $13.25
H28.  Moo Shu Pork or Chicken
(w. 4 Pancakes, no Rice)
H29.  Moo Shu Shrimp or Beef
(w. 4 Pancakes, no Rice)
H30.  Sat Woo DuckSpicy $16.50
H31.  Double Cooked PorkSpicy $11.65
H32.  Mixed Vegetable w. Garlic SauceSpicy $10.45
H33.  Orange ChickenSpicy $12.15
H34.  Chicken w. Cashew Nuts $11.65

Side Orders

Extra Noodles $0.85
White Rice (S)$1.80 (L)$2.95
Fortune Cookies (5) $0.75
Almond Cookies (3) $1.00
Soup (Broth) (S)$2.15 (L)$3.00
Brown Rice (S)$3.15 (L)$5.25
Chinese Donut (10) $4.75